About School of the Spirit (SOS)

SOS is committed to the equipping of future Christian leaders with knowledge and practical experience needed for the effective ministry possible, highly relative to the times, and moored solidly to the strongest foundation. The curriculum is designed to impart:

  1. A deep, personal relationship with the Lord
  2. Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and the ability to know His voice
  3. A solid foundational understanding to the basic Christian doctrine
  4. An in-depth know of, and love for, the scriptures
  5. An overview of both secular and church history and the relationship of that history to the present state of the world and the church
  6. A solid Christian world view, and a prophetic perspective from which to interpret current and future events.
  7. The knowledge and use of the gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit
  8. The vision and character required for Christian leadership
  9. An understanding and commitment to Gods purpose for the local church
  10. An understanding and commitment to Gods purpose for Israel.

Spirit Glory is committed to the belief that the local church is suppose to be the true school of ministry. In recent polls that were taken it has been discovered less than 5% of the people in average congregation know what their gifts and calling are, and only about 2% of those are actually equipped and and functioning in their calling. What body could possibly live if only 2% of its members were functioning? The School of the Spirit is the initial step in our commitment to fulfill the Ephesians 4 mandate to equip the saints for the work of the ministry.