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Discern the Times

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Discern the Times

By: Apostle Skhumbuzo Sangweni


As the Lord said, “the harvest is the end of the age” (Matthew 13:39). The end of the age will be the time of unprecedented harvest. He has saved His best wine for last, and determined that the last would be first. The last great harvest before the end will cover the earth with the knowledge of the Lord. The sense of the presence of the Lord will be everywhere. Unprecedented miracles will become common place. Home groups will explode into large congregations. Small congregations will suddenly have thousands. Sports stadiums and arenas will be the only adequate place for services in the major cities as long standing differences and enmities between churches and denominations melt under the intense heat of this great move of God that is coming.

Great revivals are taking place on several continents at this time. Christianity is presently growing faster than at any time in its history. Some have estimated that more have come to Christ in the last decade than during the entire church age from the first century. Estimates range from 200,000 to 400,000 people coming to the Lord every day! Of course, some of this is due to the fact that there are as many people alive today as there were in all of the previous centuries of man’s history combined. Even so, there has never been a harvest like what the world is presently experiencing.

A revival is coming that will be so great that many will think that it is the harvest that is the “end of the age”–but it is not it! It is only the gathering of the laborers for what is coming. That is where we are now. If we do not understand this, we will not be prepared for what is coming. It will be much greater than any previous revival, awakening, or move of God that the world has ever seen.

When this great world-wide move of God breaks out, it will come like a tidal wave. The churches and ministries that are not prepared will be swept away by it. Just as surfers learn to discern the pattern of the waves, and then start paddling rapidly to be moving in the right direction when the big one comes, we must do the same thing. As the Lord warned, we spend a lot of time trying to discern the weather, but do not know the times. If the average Christian would spend as much time seeking to understand the times as they do just watching the weather, it would create a major awakening within the church. What is Coming?

The armies of God in heaven and on earth are mobilizing now. When they march, it will be the most awesome and fearful sight the world has ever seen. In some places, this army will appear so fast that it will seem to have come out of thin air. Instantly, the greatest spiritual force the world has ever seen will descend upon the earth. To those who are unaware of what is now taking place, it will be like peacefully going to sleep and waking up the next morning to the fact that your entire city, and in some cases, nation, has been occupied by a foreign army. This will be because the army existed right in the midst of the cities without anyone realizing it, including many who are in the army.

This will happen suddenly because Christians will begin to stand up for the Lord, for the truth, and the gospel. Instantly, the church will become an overwhelming spiritual force. Whole cities will be taken for Christ before the evil forces of those cities even suspect an attack against their strongholds.

Because this is the true liberation army, salvation, healing, and restoration will flow like rivers of the glory of the Lord through the streets. Rejoicing is not an adequate word to describe the celebrations that will then break out across the earth.