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Revolution or Civil War?

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Revolution or Civil War?

By: Apostle Skhumbuzo Sangweni


A “civil war” is certainly coming in the church, but this coming revolution is different. The civil war will be as a  result of the confrontation with, and removal of, several major spiritual strongholds within the church. The revolution that is coming will be more expansive than that. It is not the result of a confrontation with negative forces as much as it is the emerging of Christianity from an immature devotion to forms, formulas, and rituals to become a life force that overwhelms evil with good.

Just as  Civil Wars in many countries  were fought around a few locations in just a handful of states, most of the church will not be involved in the actual battles of this “spiritual civil war,” though it will affect us all to a degree. Likewise, most revolutions do not begin all at once, but are the result of social pressures and forces that build up over many years, or even generations. The revolution that is coming upon Christianity has been building for centuries. Attempts to ignite it on a church wide basis has come in almost every generation, but it was not the time. However, we will not have to wait much longer.

These previous attempts to ignite a revolution in the church often accomplished positive advances for the faith, but did not bring the intended sweeping changes to Christianity. Just as forces within the earth break occasionally through a volcano or earthquake, the great revivals and moves of God over the last centuries have been where the great spiritual forces have been building and have occasionally broken through. However, what is coming will seem like the breaking forth of all of the volcanos and earthquakes the world has ever known at once. This will be one of the major events in the history of the world. During this time, the foundation will be laid for the kingdom of God to come to the earth.