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Importance of Companionship

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Importance of Companionship

By: Apostle Skhumbuzo Sangweni

Study Scripture: (Genesis 2:18) “It is not good for the man to be alone”

One of the best and most unique characteristics about the army of God is that every cadet can have a close, personal relationship with the Commander-in-Chief. In fact, any cadet can become His very best friend. He will even share with the lowest cadet His ultimate strategies and plans, but even better than that, even the lowest cadet can come boldly into His very throne room at any time and be most welcome!

That really is one of the best parts about being in God’s army. However, there is even more! There is a comradeship in the army of God that cannot be found any place else. That, too, is needed in our life—true friends. Remember, when the Lord made Adam, all Adam had for companionship was God, so God Himself said that this was not good enough, but that man needed human companionship also. In fact, the very first thing that God said was not good was loneliness:  Companionship with others is crucial to our spiritual and mental health, and God seeks to give His people the very best.

As I have and will reiterate often we can never be fulfilled or have peace in our lives until our relationship to God has been restored. There is nothing as fulfilling as our relationship to Him because we were created for this purpose, and nothing else can fill that void. He also created us to need each other, and there will be a void in our lives without proper human companionship. The army of God is intended to be, and will be, the ultimate human society on the earth. It is meant to be built upon the place of the family, but a family can never be all that it is called to be without also having a right relationship to God and the church.

Of course, a part of our training can include being called away to be alone for a while to develop a closer relationship to God, or families being called away to be alone to get closer to God and one another. But ultimately, a vital local church relationship is essential for our maturity. This is the cord of three strands that is not easily broken (see Ecclesiastes 4:12), but in every relationship getting closer to God is essential.