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The Prophetic

Can you hear the sound of oil dripping from heaven, can you feel the magnitude of the pull that wants you to come up higher, experience heaven kissing with the earth for the truth is moving inside of you and drawing you to come closer to the deep dimension of God. There is an awakening happening at this hour and its only for those believers that don’t limit God but desire to go all the way to live righteously. I am going to meet you where I want you to be. The Lord says a revival is coming from heaven. It is poured out directly from the throne. It is time to preach the undiluted gospel in and out of season.

Divine Authority

It is time to close doors of deception in my house. There are certain levels and degrees of deception that need grace,  truth, deliverance, apostolic and a fresh prophetic anointing to close these doors in my house. It is time. I have poured out a spirit of deliverance, inner healing, freedom, restoration, justice, restitution and breakthrough.

The Supernatural

The coming days in the church will be filled with signs and wonders.

A world is coming. A world of the supernatural of the Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus.  A world of signs and wonders coming upon our future. Tears of intercession from Jesus shall come down from heaven. At once when these tears hit the ground they shall  become apostles of power. Stars with wings of eagles shall come down from the third heaven upon the hearts of men and women.  These stars shall arise  in their hearts. This is the kingdom of God in you. Flying keys with angel wings shall come down from  heaven giving to those with the flying stars in their hearts. These are the keys of the kingdom. This is not far away. Is your heart ready?


School of the Spirit